Test Timer 2.0

Program Notes: 10 December 2001


This program is essentially a repeating alarm clock, with optional subsidiary alarms.

Memory Required: <1500K

N/A in OS X.

Input Limits

Minutes per station must be positive, but can be a decimal.


Application (TestTimer 2.0) = ‘dHTt’

Session document = ‘tTsD’

Operator Notes

Toolbox speech option uses the Mac OS' Text-to-Speech facilities, otherwise warnings are provided by a recording of the programmer's voice. The test can be paused, during which station time does not elapse. The program is document-based, and session settings can be saved for later use (note that this will not save the time elapsed in the middle of a test, just the setup information).

Program Notes

None at this time.

Known Bugs

None at this time.

Release History

1.0 - August 1997 (?)

1.1 - October 2000

2.0 - December 2001


This program was written by Dave Hirsch in December 2000.