Your Information (Archive of my FB as of 25-Oct-2019. I'm no longer active there.)
Posts you've shared on Facebook, posts that are hidden from your timeline, and polls you have created
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Photos and videos you've uploaded and shared
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People, organizations or business you choose to see content from, and people who follow you
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Your responses to events and a list of the events you've created
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Your contact information, information in your profile's About section, your life events and music.
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A history of payments you've made through Facebook
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Apps and websites you log into using Facebook and apps you admin
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Activity associated with your account, such as Pokes given and received
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Ads topics that are most relevant to you, advertisers who have collected information directly from you and information you've submitted to advertisers
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Information associated with your Facebook account
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A history of your logins, logouts, periods of time that you've been active on Facebook and the devices you use to access Facebook.